Dental Bridge

8 Reasons of Having Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are among the various restorative dentistry procedures. A dental bridge usually consists of two crowns that are placed on implants or abutment teeth on both sides of the gap. It also includes a pontic that links the two crowns and seals the gap. Dental bridges can be made from various materials such as silver, porcelain, porcelain-fused materials and gold. Here are the advantages of using dental bridges on teeth.


1. Great looks

Dental bridges from Singapore have better aesthetics as compared to a traditional fixed bridge. This is because they can be made of various materials therefore giving the individual good looks. You may also color them as per your taste. Porcelain is one of the best looking bridges since it rhymes well with natural teeth and is resistant to staining.


2. Efficiency

They offer an effective solution for various tooth problems. They offer a practical solution in replacing missing teeth. The good thing is that they offer both aesthetic and functional correction.


3. Enhance structure of the mouth

Dental bridges are beneficial for the long-term structure of the mouth. Under normal circumstances, a gap within the jaw makes the teeth to shift gradually and spread out. The condition could cause a problem in the bite. On the other hand, when a bridge is used to replace a missing tooth, the teeth or implants on either side are held in place firmly. That way, they do not move and so no problems in the bite are experienced. Also, the bridge can help lower the chances of bone loss from the jaw thus maintaining the facial structure.


4. Immediate income

A conventional bridge can be fixed in a relatively short period. Therefore, the patient can go back to work soon thus continuing with his or her income earning activities. That way, one will not experience any loss in income.


5. Long lasting

Research has proven that fixed bridgework is quite predictable, durable and lasts for a considerable period. Although they are not good as natural teeth, they can function almost as functional as the natural teeth. That way, one gets value for their money because of their durability.


6. Less invasive than implants

When fixing implants, one will require more than one surgical procedure. You might also require bone grafting if you have enough natural bone available. Those who are unable to undergo implant surgeries for medical or personal reasons, dental bridges by dePacific are a great alternative.


7. Great functionality

Bridgework allows patients to eat and chew normally since the gap in the jaw does not exist anymore. The bridge can also assist with the mastication of food particles. It also helps the patient to speak well without any inhibition. Teeth gaps tend to alter the placement of the tongue as well as how sounds are made in the mouth. Therefore, filling the gap prevents this alteration.


8. Easy maintenance

It only takes a short time for an individual to be accustomed to the feel of a dental bridge. After that, it becomes less noticeable since it becomes part of the teeth structure. Unlike dentures, bridges do not have to be removed often for cleanup. You handle them the same way you do natural teeth.

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