Guide to choosing International schools

Most parents desire to see their children growing up in different environments. More so, they prefer those environments, which changes faster than any one of us can easily comprehend. They also prefer environments with high job predictions. That is the main reason they prefer taking their children to best performing international schools. But, the process of selecting these schools can be challenging to some parents and students. That is why we have come up with these guidelines to help you in choosing an excellent international school for your child.

Look at the philosophy and curriculum of the school

Before choosing an international school in Singapore look at the type of view existing in that school. Try selecting a school, which aligns its philosophy with the social philosophy of your country. This will allow the student to transit easily from this philosophy to that of their own country. Also, make more inquiries to find out the curriculum, which is being followed. At the same try to determine whether the approach is student-centered. Moreover, try analyzing the syllabus to find out whether it is extensive enough to cater for the educational needs of the student.

The community

In the contemporary world, geographical boundaries have become less useful due to globalization. Therefore, parents desire to ensure that their children learn in an environment where they are not isolated. In this case, visit the school during learning hours and try to speak to various stakeholders. Find out more about the expectations of the staff about the student’s ability and special needs. Also, try to look at the certification of the personnel especially teachers. During this visit try reading the attitude of the entire school staff. By so doing you will be able to make a right decision whether your child will join that school or not.

Language programmes

This is an important thing, which must be analyzed before your child joins an international school like Insworld Institute. At this stage, you will evaluate the school based on their second as additional language program. The primary purpose of carrying out this scrutiny is to find out whether the program is differentiated to address individual learning goals of the student.

Co-curricular programme.

Analyze the school calendar and see whether it has created sufficient time for co-curricular activities. Some of these activities are vital since they help students to enhance their learning as well as develop the skills. Therefore, it is advisable to take the child to a school, which has a diverse, and a well thought out co-curricular activities in a variety of domains. This move will help you the schools performance especially in other areas outside the typical class teaching.

After making all the above considerations, you are now able to decide on the best international school to take your child. Good luck

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