How did Google come about?

Hey, if you want to find out something then you just need to “Google it“. This phrase has become a common term in modern society. It often used to encourage people to search for information on the internet with the web browser known as Google.

Google is the world’s number one web browser technology. How did Google gain this position to become a very influential medium of communication and information? The following information will describe how this web browser and the Google company has come into existence.

 The Beginning


The story of Google begins with two men by the name of Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They were two Stanford University students and in 1996 they were doing a research project called the Stanford Digital Library Project. This project was funded to develop the enabling technologies for a digital library at Stanford. During the course of these projects these two men were evaluating search engines and they broke away from the standard norm. Search engines generally evaluated websites by search terms; instead they focused on relationships between web pages or sites. They came up with the ranking process known as PageRank.


PageRank revolutionized search engines because it determined a website’s relevance by the number of pages that linked back to the original site. It also evaluated how important or credible those pages were in relation to the original site.

Google’s original named was “BackRub“. This unusual name was given to the newly discovered browsers because it checked back links to determine the importance of a site. Soon the men decided to change the name to Google. This was a misspelling of “googol” which is a term that refers to a number that is written as ten to the one-hundred power. Soon, the search engine was used as a part of Standford’s site but it eventually became an independent enterprise in 1998.

Google had gained a lot of popularity over the competition after it was first released to the public. Starting in 2000, the company created an advertisement model that would become a popular way to reach audiences and to generate profits.

In 2004 Google had become so well known as a search engine that it literally dominated close to 85% of all search engine terms on the net. Since its inception earlier search engines such as Excite and Hotbot had become defunct. Yahoo continued to hang on and Bing entered the market years later. These are the only other two search engines left that are able to effectively compete with Google. However, Google is still the dominate force with search engines.

Currently, Google provides internet users, businesses and consumers with a wide vareity of digital services and products. The organization has over 70 offices in more than 41 countries. Google also has a philanthropic association that helps to eliminate global poverty and to deal with issues of climate change.

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