Understanding the Importance of an Inert Gas System

Many people are around some type of inert gas system each and every day, though relatively few people recognize that fact. In fact, some people may not yet be quite certain what inert gas really is.

Essentially, it is a mixture of gases that cannot combust due to a lack of sufficient oxygen. When gases are present, oxygen is required in a specific amount in order to successfully complete the combustion process. When enough oxygen does not exist, it becomes virtually impossible for those otherwise flammable gases to combust. This fact may be surprising enough in and of itself, but the real surprise comes in learning that this knowledge from GIANTECH can be put to use in order to create safer and more economical methods of travel.


An inert gas system is often used to distribute these types of gases in a safe method that will only allow combustion in the intended location, through a very specific means. One popular example is the inert gas generator. This type of system is used to distribute flammable gases based on their combustion capabilities, according to the oxygen level that is present. These type of generators essentially create their own power and they can be operated safely even when gases are involved that are otherwise highly combustible.

The systems are typically used prevent fires on ships or similar vessels where flammable gases either have a tendency to build up or where they are carried intentionally. In fact, they are essential on these types of vessels because it is basically the only way that they can be operated safely without worrying about an explosion that would otherwise cause the destruction of the vessel and associated loss of life. Therefore, having the proper inert gas system on board is crucial. Without it, it would be practically impossible for these vessels to operate safely. In addition, inert gas systems are able to operate at a very low cost, providing an economical means of operation as well.

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