Part-time MBA in Singapore without GMAT

Offering an MBA with no GMAT (graduate management admissions test) should not be confused with lowering standards. There are many universities in Singapore that do not require GMAT. For admission to the school, the university needs the overall profile including academics and past experiences.


What are the benefits of part-time MBA without GMAT in Singapore?

Singapore offers part-time MBA even for those without GMAT. Here are some of the advantages of pursuing an MBA without GMAT in Singapore.


The universities do not require a student with work experience to offer this course.

With the universities in Singapore, work experience is not a requirement to pursue the MBA program. This benefit will increase the chance of all the interested parties to have an MBA degree.


The course helps in designing careers.

Since this option is not only limited to people with GMAT, small business owners could apply for it and take it in their free time such as o the weekends to help them in designing their careers. The program can also be an excellent opportunity for them to understand business from a new perspective.


It Saves on time and money.

Taking an MBA with GMAT is time-consuming and expensive. Choosing MBA options without GMAT saves on costs and time taken in doing the GMAT tests. Studying for MBA programs without GMAT will help attract those with budget constraints as the program can be costly.


Taking this program part-time without GMAT will attract more people from making the program full time is more time consuming for those who have to work full time.



There are fewer requirements for the MBA option without GMAT as compared to that with GMAT. The fewer the conditions, the more the students the program will attract. All these programs can be studied in most of the universities in Singapore.



When looking for a part-time MBA without GMAT, Singapore is the place for this option. There are affordable prices offered.

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