The Benefits of Zero Gravity Massage

Zero Gravity Is a concept that is acquired from the technology most recently developed by NASA for astronauts. To be specific, according to recent evidence, the Zero Gravity position is beneficial over the conventional forms of massage since it minimizes the effects of gravitational stress that occur on astronauts when they take off. The technology has recently been integrated into the contemporary massage solutions. For instance, medical practitioners and various other medical professionals alike recommend the zero gravity position due to its broad spectrum of health benefits.


It’s important to note that the zero gravity position works to mitigate the effects of the gravity and therefore promote optimal back, heart and heart alignment as well as to release muscle strain as well. The Zero Gravity does not mean that it lacks zero gravity, but it means that minimum gravitational stress is placed on the spine or perhaps the user’s body.

In some cases, this often referred to as the weightlessness position since individuals often report feeling a sense of being more comfortable when resting on the zero gravity massage chair. In particular, persons in this position often have their feet placed in an elevated position such that heart has reduced stress thereby leading to better blood circulation and improved muscle relief as well.

This type of massage therapy helps to reduce the need for surgical procedures in individuals who suffer from sciatica and any other back related complication. It provides an excellent alternative for treatment, and the results are often outstanding. The zero gravity concepts from Novita provide several health benefits for human health and are more effective at mitigating the effects of health complications


Finally, when it comes to improving your health and overall blood circulation, you might benefit highly by investing in a zero gravity massage chair. This technology is backed by NASA and it provides myriad health benefits for users as well.

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