What Is Aircon Chemical Wash Used For

Dirt can accumulate over time in your aircon unit causing it not to cool. The aircon chemical wash is used to solve this problem by cleaning your aircon unit and restoring it to new condition. It is better to contact a professional to clean your aircon because of the chemical being used, it has to be dismantled, safety reasons, testing the unit and more. By keeping your aircon serviced and clean with aircon chemical wash, you can reduce the cost of your electricity bill.

How Does Aircon Chemical Wash Work?

It works by cleaning the parts of the aircon to keep your home cooler, eliminate water leaks, eliminate odors in the home, circulates clean and fresh air, reduces allergens and more. Parts of the aircon the chemical cleans are the evaporator and condenser, filters, coils, and pipes. Each part is cleaned after the aircon is dismantled. The aircon chemical wash can dissolve all forms of dirt and scales that have accumulated in the aircon unit. A chemical wash is sometimes referred to as a chemical overhaul because the certified technician will perform other maintenance duties like using chemical wash, checking major parts like the thermostat, adding refrigerant, and testing the unit for good performance.

What Systems The Aircon Chemical Wash Cleans?

  • Ducted
  • Central Units
  • Window Units
  • Split Systems
  • PTAC
  • Mini-Split
  • ​​Fixed
  • Cassette
  • ​Portable Units
  • Floor Units

Who Can Use Aircon Chemical Wash

Professionals or anyone can use it to get amazing results. You can save hassle, time, and money by cleaning your aircon yourself. This cleaner is designed to work on many different types of split ductless air conditioners including room air conditioner units.

What are the Benefits

  • Reduced allergens in the home
  • Clean and fresh air circulation
  • Restores unit to new condition
  • Prolongs the life of your aircon unit
  • Cooler air in the home
  • Reduces utility costs
  • Uses corrosion free chemical technology
  • Your air conditioner will not be damaged when it is cleaned with this solution and more……..

Aircon chemical wash from Airecontrol can be ordered online and shipped to your home or office, obtained from a licensed retailer, purchased in some stores. It is affordable compared to what you will pay a professional service to come out and clean your unit. Recommended use for cleaning your aircon is once every six months.

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