Why Halal Food is Important in A Country Like Singapore

Halal food is important in a country like Singapore because it is has residents who are Muslims and consuming halal foods is an order form Allah and a basic part of the Islamic faith. This means eating halal is following the commandment of Allah as stated in the Quran. He asks of man to eat of those things that are good and to that He has bestowed upon man and that looking for halal is compulsory for all Muslims.

The importance of consuming Halal in Singapore is to avoid fire-this is punishment thereafter. In the Quran, it is written that meat growing out of food which is unlawful, fire is what is qualified for it. Eating halal foods develops good habits and god character.

Halal food is clean and healthy beginning form how it is taken care of and through the preparation process. Halal food are raised naturally on vegetarian diets to maintain its health. They are not given any antibiotics or added hormones through injections or water formula like it is done in genetically modified animals to quicken growth. Their purity and wholesomeness is not something to gamble with. What they feed them on is natural making their meat of very high quality and very nutritious. Halal food is prepared in a human way and no dead or decaying animals are supposed to be fed on. The slaughtering process is fast and not done in such a painful and brutal way like piercing or beating.

Consumers in Singapore will be guaranteed a dietary assurance. The feeds given to the animals are purely vegetables that do not contain any chemicals whatsoever that can be poisonous or dangerous to your health like in haram foods which may contain carcinogenic from some elements contained in the drugs they are injected with or antibiotics given in form of vaccines.

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