Wonder of Food Waste Recycling

When you are done with certain foods, such as fruits, it can be tempting to just throw the remains in the garbage. However, food waste recycling is a powerful way to give back to the environment and to future generations. Composting means that these foods can break down into nutrient rich soil. The following are a list of reasons that you should practice food waste recycling:

1. You are Contributing to Richer Soil

As stated above, food waste is useful in biodegraded forms. It gives nutrients for new plants to grow. What is better for plants than vitamins and minerals? When you compost, you are allowing that food to go back into the ground rather than a landfill.

2. Gives you Greater Appreciation

You might not think it, but recycling can give you a greater sense of thankfulness to the environment. You take time to nourish it when you practice food waste recycling. And through this process you are being reflective, rather than simply a consumer of food. You are starting a cycle in your life of being conscious of the environment. The next time you eat at a restaurant, you will have a greater appreciation of all the effort that goes into food prep and farming.

3. Your Children will Thank You

We’ve probably all had grandparents who have lived through the war. They are almost scared to consume sometimes because food used to be scarce. In the future, who knows how easy it will be to get food at a store? If you help to create nutrient rich soil though, you can even grow fruits and vegetables in your own backyard.

Being a conscious consumer requires so sacrifice. The compost might smell, so you might want to take it to an enclosed area during the winter. But your efforts to food waste recycling are still worth the inconvenience.

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